J. Jonah Jameson must have been giggling with delight earlier this morning when Peter Parker brought in the latest batch of pictures showing Spider-Man stealing a bike from an unsuspecting and defenseless citizen. At least that’s how one would imagine Jameson would spin these latest on set pictures from Spider-Man: Homecoming. While fans might believe there is some rational explanation for why Spidey (Tom Holland) is stealing that bike, Jameson would hear nothing but the cha-ching of selling newspapers when those damning pictures hit the streets. We’re just gonna assume that the Daily Bugle has an online site to share the damning video as well.Here’s the set pictures courtesy of E! Online and the video from WSB’s Mike Petchenik:




CnH7azyXgAEDDeW.jpg large


What do you think of the new suit? It seems to grow on you once you’ve seen it a few times. Now we all know that Spider-Man isn’t stealing that bike… or we at least hope that he’s simply getting the bike back from a bike thief. We’ll keep you in the know as things from the Spider-Man: Homecoming set continue to leak out.

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