Are you a fan of Magic the Gathering who’s been looking to get their feet wet in Dungeons & Dragons or vice versa? Well it seems Wizards of the Coast has heard your pleas, because back in April they released a free guide called Plane Shift: Zendikar, which let D&D players traverse the Magic realm, and brought those two worlds just a little bit closer together for the tabletop community at large. Perhaps wishing to expand on those themes with a new setting, the master craftsmen at the helm of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition have taken another crack at Magic the Gathering, and today marks the release of a new setting. 



Plane Shift: Innistrad, the newest (free) D&D PDF from Wizards of the Coast is all about horror. Innistrad is a land of monsters, ghouls, and demons, where humans are at war with creatures of the night (like vampires and werewolves) that wish to eradicate them from the pain of existence. Card gamers are already more than familiar with this ghastly setting to draw their decks from, but it may feel familiar in a different sense to others. Another product Wizards has released earlier this year, Curse of Strahd, allowed RPG fanatics to return to the much beloved Ravenloft setting (originally a module released in 1983), a nihilistic world of gothic horror and vampire lords where death is common to unwary players.

Strahd subsequently became one of the ‘talking points’ among the tabletop community this year, garnering player acclaim and fanfare; seeing as Innistrad is a similar setting in a completely different Wizards-branded product, the cross promotion between the two properties only makes sense to bolster the sales of both. Those unfamiliar with Magic and those unfamiliar with D&D now have an entry point into each game, provided for free by the company vested in their interests.

James Wyatt, the mastermind of both Plane Shifts, is a former Dungeons and Dragons writer who jumped departments to write the flavor of Magic the Gathering. Speaking to James Whitbrook of io9.com, James mentioned that the crossover was the results of their book The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar already appearing like a D&D Campaign book without the ruleset; deciding to go for that extra little push to make the dream a reality, Plane Shift: Zendikar was born. Because the first release was a success, it only made sense to continue the venture with a setting like Innistrad, whose dark-chic flavor has already proved to lend itself to Dungeons & Dragons so well.

Now that we have two supplements to let us dive into the worlds of Magic with our twenty sided dice, we’ll have to wait and see what James and his team are willing to cook up next.

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