Tim Curry set a high bar for the frightening clown Pennywise in Stephen King‘s It. Now there’s a new remake/reboot of the classic horror story coming to the big screen starring Bill Skarsgård as the clown we all learned to fear. We’ve got our first look at Skarsgård in full Pennywise makeup thanks to Entertainment Weekly.00002124511pennywise

Damn, that is down right spooky. Cloulrophbia is the unreasonable fear of clowns, but we have to say that you’ve got every reason to fear this clown. Nobody is gonna sleep easy tonight after seeing that. Skarsgård has this to say about the character:

It’s such an extreme character. Inhumane. It’s beyond even a sociopath, because he’s not even human. He’s not even a clown. I’m playing just one of the beings It creates.

It’s important that we do something fresh and original for this one. It’s purposely not going toward that weird, greasy look.

It truly enjoys the shape of the clown Pennywise, and enjoys the game and the hunt. What’s funny to this evil entity might not be funny to everyone else. But he thinks it’s funny.

Directed by Andrés Muschietti, It hits theater screens September 8th, 2017.


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