While everyone in Hollywood is trying to get their films into China, one of the largest viewing audiences in the world, there is a film industry in China creating films that the rest of the world might want to check out. The latest big blockbuster League of Gods is full of action and computer generated special effects. Based on Fengshen Bang, an ancient Chinese book of mythology, League of Gods is packed with interesting characters and locations. One look at this trailer full of crazy action and you’ll add it to your “Gotta find this movie” list.League-of-Gods-2016-1

That’s the official movie poster, notice the six armed baby in the lower left, that is just the start of the crazy. League of Gods doesn’t just seem heavy with CGI, it’s overflowing, and that would be a big warning sign for most films, but director Koan Xu‘s background is in visual effects so he knows how to get the most out of those shots. Starring Jet Li, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Fan Bingbing, Louis Koo, and others, the film has some serious Chinese star power.

Here’s the synopsis:

The story is based on Fengshen Bang, an ancient novel that is part of Chinese mythology. Featuring a group of unique superheroes, the film tells the story of how King Zhou of Shang becomes a tyrant under the spell of Daji, a vixen spirit who is disguised as one of his concubines.

What do you think? There’s certainly an audience for this type of film in the US, the only trouble being that most of those folks will have already pirated the film off the Internet by the time it makes it’s way to the states.

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