Yub Nub! Who doesn’t love that delightfully nonsensical turn of phrase? It’s what rang out the original Star Wars trilogy as the Rebel Alliance partied with an army of lethal teddy bears called Ewoks over their combined defeat of the Galactic Empire. But hey, what happened to the Ewoks after the credits rolled? We know that the galaxy moved on to the First Order and the Resistance, and the rise and fall of the new Jedi, but what about those cutesy little creatures? Were they just left on Endor with all that abandoned and destroyed technology to keep eating berries and building tree forts?

The answer is partially revealed in the new Star Wars novel Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig. After reading the new book, which focuses on the life debt shared between Han Solo and Chewbacca, io9 posted an Ewok-centric excerpt. A character named Dade, who was a Rebel commander that lost a leg in the war, is suffering from post-traumatic stress, so his doctor, Arsad, gives him a couple of options: a therapy droid or a therapy Ewok.

“I could put you in for a therapy Ewok, instead. Some of the native Endor creatures have agreed to travel offworld to help veterans like you recuperate. As a matter of recompense for saving their home.”

So the Ewoks have basically become service animals, huh? I’m not sure if that’s a compliment, or the author’s own commentary about what he thinks of the Ewoks and their worth. In any event, this isn’t the first mention of the Ewoks in the new canonical expanded universe; they were also seen in the Shattered Empire comic book miniseries helping Han Solo and the Rebels clear hidden squads of Imperial soldiers on Endor. The Ewoks were also the subject of an animated series and two live-action TV movies in the 80s, but the timing of those adventures is set sometime prior to Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars: Aftermath – Life Debt is now available in a bookstore near you.

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