Pokemon Go Cliff

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Pokémon Go is the newest taking the world by storm. Within one week, not only has the app brought Nintendo back to life in a big way (adding $7.5 billion to Nintendo’s market revenue), but now people are actually going outside of the house. For years most of our mobile app games had us crushing candy from sitting on our couches, desks, or toilets, but now the Pokémon Go little spaces in search of these Pokémon creatures. Because this is almost a new territory in the world of phone apps, people are very excited to be a part of it. People are walking around their neighborhoods, meeting new people, getting exercise as a result of this new phenomenon. But there’s also a dark side to all this fun…. 

Since the app has been released, a woman has caught her cheating boyfriend though the social application, dead bodies have been discovered, and the app has been used to lure unsuspecting victims for armed robberies. There are also some privacy concerns related to the app and users giving developers full access to their smartphones and all the security concerns that exist there. Then of course, with everyone with their faced plugged to their phones, the possibility of getting into some sort of accident exists. Everything from crashing your car to walking into a tree has happened as a result of playing Pokémon Go. Some people joked “someone’s going to fall off a cliff playing this game.” Now it’s not a joke…

USA, California, Encinitas. Swamis, beach, Cardiff by the Sea.

Two men fell down a cliff in San Diego in search of a Pokémon while playing the Pokémon Go application. One of the men fell 90 feet down and the other fell 50 feet. Both men are in the hospital and are in critical condition. While the fence does have warning signs and a safety fence, the two men reportedly jumped the fence in search. Investigators also believe that the two men may have consumed alcohol as well.

The application does have a warning for players when they first launch it to be aware of their surroundings. Let’s be aware and use common sense when playing these games.

Source: NBC San Diego

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