You can’t blink without seeing Pokémon Go in our daily lives anymore. Everyone has it on their phones and now instead of sitting down and swiping for candy, everyone is outside trying to catch Pokémon monsters every day. Go in any major city and you will see people looking downward letting their phones lead them to “catching them all” over town. The hype surrounding the app is getting so big, that it’s invading professional sports now.

During a recent Bellator Mixed Martial Arts fight, Michael “Venom” Page defeated Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos with a knee to the head. After the referee called the fight in favor of Page, the fighter ran to his corner where one of his trainers handed him a Pokémon had and a PokeBall where he enacted his own Pokémon-themed victory celebration. Page rolled his PokeBall towards his downed opponent where he “catches” the downed Santos.

He seemed pretty sure he would win. What would have happened if he lost?

Source: Bellator MMA Twitter via Comicbook.com

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