Perhaps one of the most anticipated television adaptations in recent history, Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods has had a solid cult status practically since it was first published. The imagination and creativity that Gaiman put into every aspect of the story – from the wonderful imagery to the stark contrast between the modern setting and the ancient mythology – seemed like the perfect foundation for a great show. Since Starz announced in July 2014 that they would finally be adapting the novel for TV, fans have been lapping up every scrap of news they can find.

That had become considerably easier in recent months, now that production has begun, at long last. Over the course of the past few months, we’ve met Ricky Whittle as the protagonist, Shadow Moon. We’ve got a glimpse of Emily Browning as his late wife, Laura Moon. The first pictures of the set – as imaginatively and colourfully designed as you could hope for – have been released, offering a tantalising peep at what can be expected from the overall style of the show.

The cast – already an impressive list of very talented actors – has now been joined by Dane Cook, who will be taking on the role of Shadow’s best friend and former boss, Robbie Burton.

At the beginning of the book (and, presumably, the upcoming series, due for release in 2017), Robbie has already died, in the same crash that killed Laura Moon.

As Shadow goes about the supernatural adventure that he stumbles into following his release from prison, the two of them feature prominently in the flashbacks, memories and dreams that are key to him coming to terms with his old life before properly embarking on a new one.

While Cook is primarily known for stand up comedy and occasional comedy movies, including Good Luck Chuck and My Best Friend’s Girl, some of his best acclaimed work has been in straight acting roles. His death scene in 2007 thriller Mr Brooks, for instance, has not gone unnoticed. Hopefully he’ll bring some of this skill into his newest role.

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