Justin Lin‘s (Fast & Furious) Star Trek Beyond hits theaters this weekend and we’re sure to get an action packed ride, but will Simon Pegg‘s script also provide fans with that Star Trek feeling from the television series and movies that many fans have claimed was missing in the rebooted Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness? Check out this last trailer and find out.star-trek-beyond-trailer-screengrab-31-600x249

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That certainly looks action packed, but there wasn’t much character stuff there. Hopefully, that part will shine when we get to see the entire movie this weekend. If not, it might be time for the franchise to move on. Considering the announcement of Star Trek 4 and the return of Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s father, there seems to be some thought that perhaps the series will reboot again. After all, Hemsworth’s character died in the first Star Trek reboot movie which turned the timeline upside down. Could his return signal a return?


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