Netflix Announces New Show-Sharing Feature: Flixtape


Once upon a time, when people watched TV, they had to be there in front of the box at the exact time it was being broadcast, or else they missed it. Potentially forever. Someone would have to tell you what had happened in the last episode if you wanted to make sense of the next one and, maybe, one day, you might be able to see it as a repeat. Though that may be many years in the future. Today, we don’t have those kinds of problems. Almost everything is available on catch up – and that’s if it was ever broadcast at all, rather than exclusively streamed online.

As if shows weren’t easy enough in this day any age to watch entirely at your own convenience and to share with whomever you wanted whenever you felt like it, Netflix has come up with all new television-sharing feature: Flixtape.

There can be nothing more frustrating than falling head over heels in love with a new series – and, let’s face it, Netflix definitely has been creating the kind of content that does that to you – but having no one to fangasm about it with. There are some shows that you can’t not talk about afterwards, in the kind of glow that feels almost post-coital.

Well, those frustrations are now a thing of the past, too, thanks to Flixtape.

The idea is based on a now archaic method of sharing music by creating a tape with a mix of different songs – a mixtape, if you will – from different artists you enjoy to give your friends to listen to. Kind of like a Spotify playlist, but with a lot less space and a lot more desperately trying to hit ‘record’ on your tape player at the right time to get the whole song in, but no radio ads.

Flixtape is a customisable feature which allows you to create a playlist of all your favourite Netflix shows and movies to share with your friends, rather than just queueing up what you want to watch on your private account.

It’s a simple enough idea, but for anyone who hasn’t quite grasped the concept, Netflix has released this handy video to take you through the process.

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