John Williams has delighted movie fans with his wonderful music in countless films, creating iconic and memorable moments that many fans carry with them their entire lives. What would happen if you played the Star Wars theme song in front of Williams’ house? Two such musically talented fans, Bryce Hayashi and Michael Miller found out a few days ago when they decided to play the very tricky Star Wars Theme song outside the composer’s home. Check out the video below.


This is what happened when 2 guys with horns made a spontaneous decision to set up and play the Star Wars theme in front of John Williams’ house on 7/11/2016! With the high part played by 13 yr. old trumpeter, Bryce Hayashi, and the lower flugelhorn part played by Michael Miller (“Mickle”), John Williams, the master himself, comes out to greet us at 01:24!

OK, that was fun. Hayashi is only 13 years old and very talented. It’s nice, and just the kind of man who John Williams is to come outside and talk with the pair. Here’s a video of the two practicing just before they went over to Williams house.


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