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batman v superman

It would be generous to describe Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as less than a riotous success. Drawing on a mishmash of ideas from multiple storylines belonging to many, many incarnations of the titular superheroes, a cast of Hollywood greats was not enough to save the convoluted plot from severe criticism. Despite being the fourth highest grossing film of 2016 at the time of its release, the small margin by which it profited compared to the expense spent on it resulted in it being described as “a disappointment” – and that’s not even starting on what the fans or critics had to say.

While opinions varied, the high expectations that pretty much everyone had of a film based on such a titanic battle left it largely unable to live up to the hype. Some critics left very scathing reviews, finding flaws in it that were almost as complex as the plot itself. Suffice it to say that it’s Rotten Tomatoes approval rating rests at a measly 27%.

But for all the reviews – whether they’re professional pieces, passionate fan-written blog posts or just impulsive Tweets and Facebook statuses – we’ve finally been gifted with a simple, reliable way of seeing everything that is wrong with this movie. That is, without having to sit through it yourself.

That’s right – the guys over at Honest Trailers have finally given Batman v Superman a sound hiding.

It’s smart, it’s funny, and it’s read in such a captivating voice you can’t help but drink it all in. All that remains to be seen is – is there anything they missed?

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