In Gotham‘s two seasons so far, only a handful of Batman’s most famous bad guys have yet to receive a proper, convoluted origin story in the prequel series, but one of those villains is finally going to get the spotlight in the upcoming third season of the Fox series. In advance of San Diego Comic Con, in which Gotham will, as usual, be a participant, the show is announcing that they’ve found a Mad Hatter, the Lewis Carroll-inspired rogue that first appeared in Batman comics in the 1940s and has been one of the most constantly evolving of the Batman villains over the last seven decades. Now he’ll be played by a familiar face from The Walking Dead.

TV Line is reporting that Benedict Samuel, who played the Wolf captured by Morgan in season six of The Walking Dead, will be heading up the coast to play the Gotham incarnation of the Mad Hatter. Samuel, whose credits also include The Stanford Prison Experiment, The Walk, and the series Secret City, will play the Hatter, AKA: Jervis Tetch, as “a talented hypnotist teetering on the edge of madness. He arrives in Gotham with an unwavering desire to find his sister, Alice, a young woman who went missing in the city years ago.” Samuel joins other new cast additions James Carpinello (Mario Falcone, son of Carmine), Jamie Chung (Valerie Vale, aunt of Vicki), and Maggie Geha (Poison Ivy).


Samuel now becomes only the second actor to play a live-action version of the Mad Hatter, the first being David Wayne (Adam’s Rib, The Andromeda Strain) in the 1960s Batman series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. The Hatter also appeared several times on Batman: The Animated Series where he was voiced by original Planet of the Apes star Roddy McDowall, and the character was last seen on screen in the animated film Batman: Bad Blood voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.

Gotham season 3 begins in September, Mondays on Fox.

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