Ahh, the 1980s, when toys dictated the content of your television, and Saturday morning cartoons reigned supreme. One of the kings of weekend-morning comic machismo was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, a show premised around Prince Adam channeling the power of the Castle Grayskull to unleash his inner barbarian (becoming He-Man), and battle the evils of the nefarious, skull-faced Skeletor. While a great success at the time, launching hundreds (if not thousands) of toys, various comic books, and even a (terrible) movie starring Dolph Lundgren, He-Man has not shared much of the nostalgic-based revival success of other 80s cartoons like G.I. Joe or Transformers, the closest it has come was an attempted revival series in 2002, which ran for two seasons, and an internet meme nearly a decade back. Despite this, He-Man (especially the 80s cartoon) still has quite a cult following, and it looks those fans will be rewarded at this year’s SDCC.

Super7, a company focused on releasing serious vinyl collectible toys and figures (based on cult classic franchises), is releasing the first new episode of the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon since 1985, created by modern animators replicating the old show as much possible to help it fit within the series. The cheese factor and vintage artwork is heavily, and delightfully, on display. It also looks to replicate the original series’ knack for Skeletor mercilessly laying waste to his own minions through masterful use of insults, if the trailer is any indication.

Super7 is likely working with Mattel to create and release the new episode to help promote their business, as they have continued the original toy lines for Masters of the Universe as well as the original M.U.S.C.L.E. line of toys. The episode (titled The Curse of the Three Terrors) will be be watchable via standing room only on the corner of 8th Ave and G Street in downtown San Diego, on Wednesday (July 20th) at 10:00pm. It is unclear whether the episode will be released publicly after the initial showing, but it’s likely.

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