‘Mouse Guard’ Comics Receiving Film Adaptation


You may not have heard of Mouse Guard, the Eisner-winning fantasy epic written and illustrated by creator David Petersen, but you certainly should. It is a long-running comic series (and tabletop RPG) featuring a stoic order of guardians in the form of actual mice, who defend the lands from the evils and monsters that would do it’s citizens harm. However, when the word ‘monster’ comes up, instead of thinking of giants or dragons, imagine owls and snakes; just because these creatures may seem mundane to us giant humans, they are a very real danger to anyone the size of a mouse. Despite the admittedly adorable art, Mouse Guard does not channel Stuart Little as much as it does the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones. Now, it’s getting a big screen adaptation.

According to various sources 20th Century Fox has optioned the rights to Mouse Guard for Gary Whitta, who is most known for writing The Book of Eli and had recently written for Rogue One, who is looking to write the screenplay while Matt Reeves, writer for Let Me In and War for the Planet of the Apes is looking to produce. Apparently, Mouse Guard will be a “CGI live action” ala The Jungle Book, released by Disney and director Jon Favreau, earlier this year. The performance capture equipment used on the actors will be of the same style they used to create the apes in their most recent Planet of the Apes series.

Mouse Guard is ready to celebrate it’s 10th anniversary at the series publisher Archaia Comics, and imprint of Boom! Studios. In addition to the film plans, the two series (Mouse Guard and Legends of the Mouse Guard) and tabletop roleplaying game, Mouse Guard is set to continue with a new series titled Mouse Guard: The Weasel Wars sometime next year.

Via Hollywood Reporter

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