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Who doesn’t love the Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The show where normal teenage high school cheerleader Buffy Summers finds out that not only is the paranormal real, it’s her job to kick it in the teeth—and boy, does she ever. The TV show, a re-imagining and update (created by Avengers and Firefly director Joss Whedon) of the movie of the same name, ran from 1997 ’til 2003 for seven seasons. Fans could not get enough of it; despite the show ending, people clamored for more of Buffy and the gang, which resulted in an ongoing series to continue the story. This resulted in three more seasons in comic form. Now, this fall, the story will continue again.

Revealed in a press release by Dark Horse comics, ‘Season 11’ of Buffy will pick up where ‘Season 10′ ends when it completes its’ run in August. Lead writer Christos Gage (Law & Order: SVU, Avengers Academy), responsible for ‘Season 10’,  is set to continue his work alongside returning artist Rebekah Isaacs (Angel & Faith, DV8: Gods & Monsters). When speaking about his and Rebekah’s return, Christos had this to say:

“Buffy fans have been wonderful to Rebekah and me throughout Season 10, so I couldn’t be more excited to keep our creative team together for Season 11! True to form, Joss is not content to just rest on his well-earned laurels, so Season 11 will shake things up with a story that’s shorter, bigger, more epic, and presents what may be the greatest challenge Buffy and the Scoobies have ever faced. We hope the readers will enjoy the ride!”

When speaking about the story in an interview with USA Today, Gage mentioned that the inception of the story’s core in Season 11 will be something apocalyptic in scale. The gang had already moved away from their hometown of Sunnydale and had relocated to San Francisco in the story, wherein this supposed apocalypse will kickoff.

“After overcoming the struggles of Season 10, Buffy and the Scoobies give themselves a well-deserved break from fighting evil. Unfortunately, the momentary peace comes to a screeching halt when a supernatural disaster wreaks havoc on the citizens of San Francisco, and the gang is forced to save the world from imminent doom, again.”

As if all this wasn’t enough Buffy for you, the series is set to get an adult coloring book as well (also from Dark Horse). The coloring book will contain art from artists that worked on ‘Seasons’ 8, 9, and 10; there will be 96 pages, over 45 of which to color in to your (or your child’s) utmost desire. Here’s the synopsis and cover art for the book:

“Enter the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the chosen one who wields the skill to fight vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. Created by the multi-talented Joss Whedon and beloved the world over, your favorite characters and moments from the Buffy television series are all represented in this engrossing adult coloring book. Containing forty-five intricately-detailed original illustrations ready for you can add your own colors to Buffy and the good guys as well as all the big bad guys! All artwork is original and created explicitly for this official Buffy adult coloring book.”

buffy coloring book

If this wasn’t Buffy overload and you are at SDCC (and excited for even more Buffy), Christos Gage will be signing at the Dark Horse booth, #2615 on Thursday at 1pm. Joss Whedon himself will at the same booth Saturday at 5pm. The comic will start its run this November, with the first issue on sale the 23rd; you can pre-order the coloring book now on Amazon, which will release in January of 2017.

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