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Captain America, the Star Spangled Man, figure of recent controversy and (possibly) the most popular Marvel comics superhero right now thanks to two very successful movies from directing brothers Joseph and Anthony Russo, is more than something of an icon in the modern American myth. He’s considered (or supposed) to embody what is good and wholesome about the American spirit, even when America doesn’t feel very great. It only makes sense to honor the good Captain, given he’s now 75 years old, and what better to kick that off than San Diego Comic-con? 

Captain America #1  was first released on March 1st, 1941. You may remember the striking cover, as Cap whacks the jaw of a rather pathetic looking Adolf Hitler; an image that was considered a bold, and controversial, statement from Marvel (then Timely) Comics, considering America had not yet entered World War II. The bold move paid off, as the comic sold gangbusters and the Captain from New York was launched into the American conscious. To celebrate his achievements (and in a way, their own), Marvel has unveiled a 13-foot, bronze statue of the character at SDCC.

Captain America Statue

The rather enormous moment is only in San Diego for the time being. After the end of the convention, it will be moved to Cap’s home city of New York. The statue will spend August in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, after which it will be at the Barclays Center in September, finally ending up at Sunset Park in October. It’s worth noting that Steve Rogers was actually born in Manhattan in comics continuity, but it was changed to Brooklyn for the films—it’s likely Marvel chose the Brooklyn backstory due to the general audience likely being more familiar with it.

Along with the statue, there will also be a tie-in comic released exclusively at SDCC, as detailed in this excerpt from the official press release:

“Headlining the Captain America 75th anniversary celebration, Marvel has collaborated with high-end collectibles maker Comicave Studios to create a one-of-a-kind Captain America statue that will be displayed at the Marvel booth #2329 at Comic-Con International on July 20. Comicave Studios worked closely with Marvel artists in New York and a Brooklyn-based sculptor to design the bronze tribute, standing at over 13 feet and weighing 1 ton. The statue will continue to stand tall on the show floor throughout San Diego Comic-Con for photo ops with fans, and 1/12-scale bronze replicas of the statue will be available for purchase. Plus, a custom comic book was created by Marvel Publishing writers and artists to integrate the statue into new storytelling.  This one-of-a-kind comic will be available in limited quantities at San Diego Comic-Con and future Captain America events.”

Captain America statue comic

Check out the statue at Comic-con, or later on (if you happen to be in Brooklyn) from August through October.

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