Mark Hamill had a busy schedule for last week’s Star Wars Celebration, between panels, signings, and just trying to get lunch in and maybe use the restroom, his time was booked solid. Hamill got an extra surprise during one signing session when Ken Hampton of Hampton’s Hand-Crafted LED Sabers presented Hamill with a beautiful fan-funded custom Joker Lightsaber. Check out the presentation video and some up close pictures of this incredible mash-up of Hamill’s two biggest fandoms.joker saber 4

Here’s the video of Hamill receiving the saber during a signing, at first he doesn’t realize it is a gift for him. Hamill is a class act when it comes to fans and is clearly almost over whelmed with the generosity of the gift. It’s kinda hard to hear the Joker laugh from the saber, but if you watch the Saber Breakdown video, you can hear Mark Hamill’s Joker laugh clear and loud.


Here’s a breakdown video of the Joker Saber looking at each section of parts and the Joker laugh sound, which is Hamill’s Joker.

Here’s some more pictures:

joker saber 2

joker saber 1

joker saber 3

Now that is one cool custom saber. If you like it and think you might want your own custom saber, check out Hampton’s website to start your saber build.

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