‘Ello dudes and dudettes! This is your resident Nerd Bastard Luke Gallagher speaking. Talking to you today about GeekFuel, the monthly subscription box that you need to be gettin’ your geek on with. You’ve undoubtedly heard of mystery box subscription boxes before, and have maybe even gotten a box or two from Geek Fuel’s distinguished competition such as LootCrate or Marvel’s Collector Corps. Whether you’re new to the whole subscription box thing or have been a recipient of other services, you should know GeekFuel is the best of the best. Is that a bold claim? Did I already over sell it? Maybe, but let’s find out. We just received their July Box, and the nerdy goodies contained are so so good. Have a looksee below and judge for yourself.

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Here’s the deal with GeekFuel. For 1$17.90 you get a wee box of mystery items delivered to your door step every month. You’re guaranteed an exclusive t-shirt and an assortment of 4-5 items other various swiggity swag. The appeal is the “mystery”. Like Forrest Gump’s Box of Chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. What makes GeekFuel decided different and special, is the effort and care that goes into the selection of items they choose for each months box. The peeps at GeekFuel are also up to speed with Geek/Nerd culture, making it a point to include one or more items themed what is trending/topical in given month. That, and they try to make do something fun with said item. Like what, you say? This month’s box is just good example as any…

This month saw the release of Paul Feig’s reboot of Ghostbusters. Given the mass appeal with the franchise, and the new movie,  it was a given in that a Ghostbuster items would be included in this month’s box.

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The Ghosbusters items in question, is a black t-shirt featuring everyone’s favorite ectoplasmic spud, Slimer. The shirt is spiffy in its own right, with a colorful/poppy animated design (though it could have done without the NO Ghost symbols and candles) , but it’s in the shirts presentation that gives GeekFuel that “Oh cool” moment that comes with each and every box. This shirt comes packaged in its Ghostbusters containment trap! Yeah, sure, it’s just a box in a box…but, come on, what a fun way to take things up a notch,.

But wait… there’s more!

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Keeping with the Ghosbusters theme, is a Ghostbusters/Mario Bros. mashup with the “Boo-Busters Button“, another Geek Fuel Exclusive.

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Plants Vs Zombies is still a popular game/app, right? If you’re all about the undead taking arms against photosynthesis, then you might like to display Zombie/Planty love with this “Plants Vs Zombies Modern Warfare 2 Respositionable Wall Decal. And yes, this marks the 3rd (and Final) Geek Fuel “Exclusive” item in the box. Dems a lot of exclusives.

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Every Geek Fuel box always comes with a free game download. This time up, is “Badland: Game of the Year Edition”. I haven’t downloaded/played it but it’s supposed to be a tight game that has one tons of awards. You can watch the trailer for it above. As a bonus, the game code card also comes paired with a cutesy and really potent air freshener. It’s perfect to throw on the handle of your toilet to cover up any smells when you’re playing Badland on the crapper.

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Memba how I said Geek Fuel is in-tune with popular culture? Well this year at San Diego Comic Con (starting this week) there will be an event planned for the 30th anniversary of James Cameron’s Aliens. James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver, and the rest of the Aliens crew will greet fans in Hall H in remembrance of the classic film. Given the planned reunion, Geek Fuel tossed in this deck of “Aliens Playing Cards”. The cards are of high quality and with some really neat Xenomorphs and other HR Giger inspired alien designs. Card’s I’m sure everyone waiting in line at Hall H for the panel wish they had.

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Wrapping up the boxes items items, is a “Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain“. It won’t actually make your shower bigger on the inside but when you step inside your shower with this TARDIS Shower Curtain, you’ll be able to transcend time and space… at least until the hot water runs out. On a side note: Just you know what a steal/value you get with all the items included in a GeekFuel box, check out what this shower curtain is going for on Hot Topic. $27.00. That’s 10 more than the cost of GeekFuel box itself. Either Hot Topic is a rip off (which lets be frank, they kind of are.) or you’re gettin’ a sweet deal on goods when you get a GeekFuel box.

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The final inclusion of the box is the monthly Geek Fuel magazine. This month’s edition is packed with interviews, bios, pictures and a handy little geek gift guide.


Each box also comes with a card detailing the items included.


How awesome was this box, right?

All-in-all this month’s box was a tidy little package packed to the brim, maybe not quite something for everyone, but not every box can be. This month though did cover several bases which is better than most subscription services can say. If you’re interested in picking up next month’s mystery box you can do so at a reasonable cost. GeekFuel offers several different options to fit your budget. The month to month is $17.90, a 3 month subscription works out to $16.90 per month while a 6 month subscription breaks down to $15.90 a month, and the best overall deal is the one year subscription which will work out to $13.90 per month. Even at the month to month cost these boxes are well worth the price of admission. Every month you get a t-shirt as well as assorted collectibles and more, not to shabby for less than 20 bucks.

If you want to get more info on this subscription service, hit up GeekFuel.com. They also give away a free box each month as well – there is always a contest live at www.geekfuel.com/contest.

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