As this country continues to grow Pokémon Go crazy, movie studios are taking notice. After all, the app has grown in such popularity that it’s overtaking pretty much any other application used to connect to the internet. Pokémon Go has more users that even twitter. There are more people using the mobile app than access other more popular internet items currently. People are literally falling off of cliffs to play this game. So it’s no surprise that Hollywood wants in on the action.

Film company Legendary Entertainment has secured the rights to Pokémon and is working on putting together a live-action film based off of the characters within the Pokémon world. The film is to be an adaptation of Great Detective Pikachu, a Nintendo 3DS game that will be release in Japan (and probably the rest of the world). The story is to follow everyone’s favorite Pokémon Pikachu as he presumably solves crimes. There currently are no details on a director or a screenwriter, but if there can be an Angry Birds movie, there sure could be a Pokémon one.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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