In covering nerd news, we get a lot of information about our favorite upcoming films and TV shows from new trailers, interviews, and behind the scenes photos and videos, but that’s not the only way we get our insights. Sometimes, we get the most spoilery material from the oddest places, like toys. Sometimes, you’re at a show, you’re looking at a line-up of toys and collectibles, and you see something unexpected. For the upcoming line of Suicide Squad collectibles from Sideshow‘s Knightmare line, a particular figure was added that maybe a *SPOILER* for the upcoming DC Comics super-villain team-up movie.

Now you might recall from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice the scene with Bruce Wayne’s nightmare about a dystopian future where the world is a desert, he and Superman have deadly armies, and parademons descend from the sky at the whim of their unseen master, Darkseid. For Batman though, the below image may represent a nightmare more terrible than anything cooked from the depths of Apokolips.


Yup. that is a Joker-ized Batman costume, but more than that, if you take off the cowl that’s Jared Leto‘s Joker underneath. Note that this is more than a matter of turning the Batman costume purple, the detail reflects the tattoos worn by the Joker in the David Ayer movie including the word “Damaged” on the forehead, and the Twizzler’s logo on the right arm. That’s also a lot of ceramic blood on the gloves and boots, which suggests that Joker is going to do some very bad things as the Bat.

Still, the question must be asked: What is the story behind this figure? Is it a dream sequence? Has the Joker gone to the trouble of making his own Batman variant? Did he actually get his hands on a Batman costume? Or maybe this is just Sideshow Collectibles having some fun with us? I guess we’ll find out.

Suicide Squad is in theaters everywhere August 5.

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