Last year, a legend among the acting world and nerd community, Leonard Nimoy, passed on. He was known to most as the actor of near-mythic Star Trek character, Spock. It was a shock to many of his fans, even though he had lived to be a ripe age of 83, and had been quietly suffering from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). As the world grieved, tributes were made, virtual memorials were erected, and many spoke out about what Nimoy, and his most favorite character, meant to them. Most touchingly, his son Adam Nimoy, began work on a film (or rather, shifted the focus of his film a bit, as production had begun before the tragic loss). Now, at SDCC 2016,we get our first real trailer of For The Love Of Spock

Originally created in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek‘s original series, the film will tell the story of Nimoy: how he came to the role of Spock, how Spock impacted his personal life, and then an outward look on how Spock affected the lives of many, many others. The documentary will have interviews, conducted by Adam Nimoy, with many alum of the series, including William Shatner (Kirk), George Takei (Sulu), Simon Pegg (reboot Scotty, writer of Star Trek Beyond), Zachary Quinto (reboot Spock) and many, many others. The documentary will also cover other aspects of his life, such as his various forays into music.

It’s worth noting that in 1975 Leonard had published I Am Not Spock, an autobiography of his published between the animated series end and the release of the first motion picture; Nimoy was criticized at the time for the perception that he had rejected the character, when in fact, he only meant to distinguish himself from his role. In 1995, he published a follow-up titled I Am Spock, having fully embraced the role he played in many people’s adolescence; in some ways, this film feels like the closing, ‘third entry’ to these two other works.

The very first nationally broadcast episode of Star Trek (titled The Man Trap) aired on September 8th, 1966; it was the first appearance of Spock to most. His final appearance, in character, was Star Trek: Into Darkness, which premiered (in Sydney) on April 23rd, 2013. For the Love of Spock will premier on April 16th.

“Live long and prosper.”

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