With less than a month before its release, everyone’s catching the fever for Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad film. Recently we have been flooded with very creative videos showing off each of the upcoming “heroes” as well as their abilities. As a result of the marketing, interest in this film is at an all time high. Box office tracking for the film is predicting a $125 million opening weekend, making it on track to have the biggest August opening ever, besting even Guardians of the Galaxy. Like Guardians of the Galaxy, Suicide Squad promises to be a very fun film where the rogues end of saving the day.

Much of the focus of the film’s marketing has been on fan-favorite character Harley Quinn. The former psychologist turned insane supervillain has always been a well-liked comic book character. Ever since she first appeared s in the Batman cartoon Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and was then added to comic books shortly afterwards, she has made a mark on the DC Comics world. The latest marketing promotion for the upcoming film shows her battling some weird monster in an elevator. After she dispatches the creature, she goes about her day as if it’s no big deal.

But she’s not the only one.  Also released was a clip featuring The Enchantress.  Freelance artist June Moone came across an unknown 3000-year-old magical being when once merges with her becomes a powerful sorceress.  She’s not completely herself when using her powers, at times can be a liability as she has more of a dark side.  In the scene, Amanda Waller is presenting The Enchantress to a group of skeptical government types as to who/what she is and what she is capable of as Waller says to Enchantress, “Go get it, girl!”


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