Warner Bros is working overtime promoting Suicide Squad. The anticipated film surrounding a bunch of antiheroes engaging in suicide missions on behalf of the government has been showcasing all the rogues we will get to see when the movie comes out next month. We’ve got to see pretty much every member of “Task Force X” in these extended promos including Rick Flagg and Amanda Waller.  Well, there’s one person missing, the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker.  Fear not Joker fans, we got you covered.

The latest promo showcases actor Jared Leto’s take on the iconic Batman villain. Although he’s got tattoos and a mean grill, but he’s still crazy and ready for some mayhem. This torturous Joker can’t wait to show us his toys.  In the promo, we get to see Rick Flagg’s opinion of him, The Joker doing some mischief, we get to see a little of his connection to Harley Quinn, as well as his ever loving insanity.

Looks like Harley will get with her “Puddin” at some point in the film.


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