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This isn’t the hugest possible breaking news from San Diego Comic Con, but if you’re one of a legion of people that didn’t like the doom and gloom of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice this may be the correction you’re looking for. A new poster released for Wonder Woman shows the Amazonian Princess in her best light, quite literally. In another poster, you will enjoy the thought of a recent, beloved variation of the Dark Knight who is also getting his own movie next year, albeit one set in the world of LEGO. Yup. the other new poster has unmasked The LEGO Batman Movie.

In the Wonder Woman poster that made its debut today (via, we see Gal Gadot‘s superheroine standing tall ready to kick some butt in World War I with the catchphrase “Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.” Of course, WWI was a horrible conflict, but the poster really shows off the bright red, blue and gold of Wonder Woman’s costume, and although Wonder Woman herself is in shade, it looks like this image was captured on beautiful day. It’s a stark change from the demur first image of the character we got from BvS.


In other superhero poster news, Warner Bros. has also released a new poster (via for LEGO Batman, the first spin-off movie in the expanded LEGO Movie Universe. Like the Wonder Woman poster, it too is blessed with a simplicity of imagery, but the yellow LEGO background gives it a more tactile feeling. On another note, it’s a good thing most LEGO people look the same though given that we’re catching Batman without his mask on.


The LEGO Batman Movie opens February 10, 2017 in theaters everywhere; Wonder Woman will open shortly there after on June 2, 2017.

Stay tuned for more coverage from San Diego Comic Con.

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