Both Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead had panels at San Diego Comic-Con to showcase what lies ahead for both zombie apocalypse dramas. Both panels were moderated by Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick.

On Fear the Walking Dead, our survivors were split up on the West Coast. Nick is on his own, Travis went off with his son, while the rest are escaping the blaze on the Mexican compound. It looks like the remainder of the second season will remain in Mexico, but new dangers both dead an undead await them. There will be a few newcomers added to the show. Danay Garcia will play a “badass soldier” Luciana, who forms a bond with Nick. Check out the trailer for the second half of season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead.

Meanwhile on the east coast of the world, Rick and the survivors are at the mercy of Negan and one of them will most definitely be on the receiving end of “Lucille” and pay the ultimate price for Rick going against Negan.  The trailer for The Walking Dead did not show anyone from Negan’s lineup in any action, keeping the mystery of who survived alive.  However, the trailer did show a little bit of the “much larger world” where we get to see “The Kingdom” and its inhabitants.

King Ezekiel

We’re going to get to see King Ezekiel and Shiva! This can’t come soon enough!

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