One of the films on the horizon for Marvel is the highly anticipated Thor: Ragnarok, which will end the trilogy of solo Thor movies. It’s been rumored that not only will The Incredible Hulk (as popularly played by Mark Ruffalo) be appearing in the film, but that a good portion of the film’s story will be adapted from the Planet Hulk comic story-arc, in which the Hulk becomes champion, and then ruler, of a super-powered gladiatorial planet in the far reaches of space. Well, something just arrived at SDCC that seems to confirm this story once and for all. 

Ryan Penagos, the Vice President and Executive Editor of Marvel Digital Media, posted a video showing off the Hulk’s ‘gladiator armor’, made famous by the Planet Hulk story-line, as real (huge) film props ahead of the Marvel panel at SDCC. The armor not only has the single pauldron and galea helm, but also an enormous hammer and axe; it’s a very intimidating setup and which undoubtedly look amazing on our (not so) jolly green giant.

The Planet Hulk story originally did not include Thor, and it’s also been said that the story will only be a portion of the film, meaning we will have to wait and see how it fits into the film at large when it comes out; however, one can expect that we will get to see an amazing brawl between the thunder god and mean green machine in a circular arena before the running time ends. More info about Thor: Ragnarok is expected to be revealed in the upcoming Marvel panel at SDCC today; if you’re not in the middle of the action in San Diego, stay tuned with us for more news and reveals about the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they drop.


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