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One of the most anticipated movies movies of next is the first ever Wonder Woman feature film, which will star Gal Godot as the titular character. A mythical Grecian warrior hailing from the mystical, all female isle of Themyscira, the film will see the super-heroine enter the world at large when a man, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) washes up on the shore—but Trevor’s world is one at the brink of war, and when Themyscira needs an emissary to represent themselves in the conflict, Princess Diana, daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman herself, will take up the role.

The film, as mentioned, is set against the violent, but politically intriguing, prelude to World War I; the film will deal with how Diana and her people—who come from an ancient life-style of polytheistic gods and monsters—enter into this strange and technologically advanced world while also trying to do what is right. The trailer itself is packed full of insane, heart-pounding action from both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor; stopping apparent assassinations, battling German soldiers, heading straight into forward assaults—there’s even a little time for humor, at the end.

One of the coolest aspects might be how Wonder Woman uses her traditional techniques of combat, and sheer strength, to overpower her opponents: from guns smashing to pieces like brittle against her side, to deflecting bullets against her shield. There’s even a few glances at her trademark golden Lass of Truth getting in on the action. We even get a sneak peak of Themysciran Amazons charging into battle! Everything looks positively awesome.

Wonder Woman will be out June 2017.

Via Warner Bros. Pictures on Youtube

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