It’s been a busy San Diego Comic Con for writer/producer Bryan Fuller, who has not just one, but two huge new series to promote before the discerning nerd audience. Of course the first is Starz American Gods based on the Neil Gaiman book, which has been filming in and around Toronto since last spring. Meanwhile, the other series hasn’t even announced a cast yet and is expected to begin filming in a couple of months. Of course the second series is the new Star Trek show for CBS All Access, so there is arguably more attention for this news that Fuller shared at the con, the series’ official title.

As announced by Fuller and shared on Twitter, 2017 will see the launch of Star Trek: Discovery.

Fuller was part of a panel that included Star Trek luminaries like William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Michael Dorn, Jeri Ryan, and Brent Spiner, so he wasn’t there to talk about Star Trek: Discovery specifically. The only other information that Fuller shared was that the new series “won’t be episodic. […] Because it’s on CBS All Access, won’t miss anything,” Fuller said. “It’s all at your fingertips.”

We have heard before that Discovery will include multiple ships and multiple crews, but we still don’t have any idea about the time period the new show will take place in, and the design of the Discovery itself doesn’t help. It’s registry, NCC-1031, sets its construction chronologically before the Enterprise, which is NCC-1701, and what’s also interesting is that the Discovery looks like Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art for the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


So what does it all mean? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Star Trek: Discovery premieres this January on CBS before moving to All Access.

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