SDCC:16 ‘Suicide Squad’ Gets Its Final Trailer


Coming off the already exciting trailers for Wonder Women and Justice League (which looks so so good) Warner Bros rounded out their super hero flicks from Hall H with the final trailer for Suicide Squad. This movie has had the best editors and graphic artists. Every trailer, including this one, has been fun and clean.  Though with 2 weeks out until the premier, all the footage they’ve been releasing lately has been awfully telling, fearing that the best moments have already been shown in the trailers and TV spots. Much like the problem with Batman v Superman’s feverish marketing, no one should have to go into this movie and have a check list of moments and feel like they’ve seen the whole movie. So while this final trailer is fun as hell, maybe reserve from watching it if you want to go into the movie with some fresh blissful ignorance. 

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