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The Warner Bros panel at SDCC is still going strong. After sizzling trailers for Wonder Woman, Justice League, and LEGO Batman, it’s now off to Warner Bros less interesting but just as popular properties  starting with Kong: Skull Island. Much like the rest of the Warner Bros panel, the trailer for this just dropped too.  Watch it below and discover discover how Kong became King. 

Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Corey Hawkins and director Jordan Vogt-Roberts were all on hand in Hall H to launch the trailer, a retelling/continuation/remix of the Kong movies that finds an army unit crashing on Skull Island in the 1970s and forced to confront all manner of beasties and monsters, not to mention the biggest, baddest ape you could ever come across. Kong doesn’t make an explicit appearance in the trailer, but you do get a sense of his size and awesomeness. This is clearly not your father’s King Kong. You also have to dig the Vietnam era vibe of the trailer too, it’s like Vogt-Roberts crammed Kong into Casualties of War or something.

As you know, this is all leading up to the eventual Kong and Godzilla face-off in 2020. Fans were wondering how such a spectacle would unfold given the difference in their sizes, but now there’s no doubt that this will be a match of equals. The only question left is if Loki and (maybe) Captain Marvel can get off Skull Island alive? I guess we’ll find out.

Kong: Skull Island will be in theaters everywhere on March 10.

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