Due in 2018, The Flash is lined up to be one of the new movie releases written to expand the DC cinematic universe. Joining releases such as Batman V Superman and Man of Steel, it will be accompanied by films including Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg in its broadening of the brand’s blockbuster family. The movie is set in an alternate universe to Grant Gustin’s televised incarnation of the speedster, with Ezra Miller taking up the lightening bolt mantle at the direction of Rick Famuyiwa.

A preliminary glimpse of Miller as the fleet footed hero was offered in the new teaser trailer for Justice League that was screened this year on the Warner Bros Pictures panel at the recent San Diego Comic Con.

With a couple of years left to go before it gets to the big screen, Famuyiwa is reportedly still in the process of reading page after page of The Flash comic book lore to create the story for his film. Still, not yet having a finalised plot has not stopped it progressing.

Now it has been confirmed that Kiersey Clemons – who has previously worked with Famuyiwa on his 2015 comedy drama, Dope, playing Diggy, the main character’s lesbian drummer best buddy – will be joining the cast the Barry Allen’s own bestie, journalist Iris West.

kiersey clemons

West was most recently portrayed in the television series as Barry’s adopted sister and long term love interest by Candice Patton.

So far, the relationship between the TV show and the movie has been fun and amiable, with Miller and Gustin seeming to really enjoy the way each portrayal of Barry Allen is likely to contrast between their respective home worlds in the multiverse. Over the coming weeks, as Clemons starts developing the role of Iris as her own, it’ll be interesting to see if she and Patton strike up a similar sort of parallel.

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