This will only feed into the petty fight between fans of Marvel and the fans of DC, but it’s an interesting story about just how far the reach of San Diego Comic Con goes outside of Hall H. You may recall from our weekend Comic Con binge some degree of difference between the coverage of the two major panels, Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios; while Warners dumped everything online almost as it happened, Marvel only shared the new Doctor Strange trailer with the home audience. If the point of something like Comic Con is to attract attention, then measuring reaction on social media should be a good indicator if you were successful, and one studio was very successful indeed.

According to research done by ListenFirst Media (via Variety) – Who have no fiduciary connection to Warner Bros. before you start! – the WB was the winner of the weekend with 548,000 mentions for Suicide Squad followed by Wonder Woman at 366,000, Justice League with 295,000, and Kong: Skull Island clocking in at 109,000. By comparison Doctor Strange had only 87,000 mentions with Spider-Man: Homecoming close behind at 79,000. The numbers look at little better when you factor in 90,000 mentions for Netflix’s Luke Cage, but Warners won that race too with 163,000 mentions for Game of Thrones. It should be mentioned though that no data was offered concerning the big slate of TV shows based on DC Comics (Arrow, The Flash, et al.)

So what does all this mean? Well. it certainly makes a case for the “sharing is caring” approach to Comic Con footage. Warner Bros. posted everything, while Marvel posted practically nothing, and while it seemed that those in Hall H at the Marvel panel had an awesome time, that sentiment certainly wasn’t shared on social media between those trying to experience it from home. The Warner plan this year seems to have paid off for them, but then again, they had a lot to prove as well after the release of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Marvel, on the other hand, doesn’t need to win people over, especially since everyone was just glad to have them back after they skipped last year’s con entirely.

The numbers will likely fuel further the debate about the function of Comic Con footage, is it promotion for the movie, or is it a treat for the fans who are there at a specific place at a specific time? The later might be fine if Comic Con was truly a fan event, but in the last 10 years its become equal parts trade show and fan event, if not tipping the scales a bit in favor of trade show. In that case, if the point is promotion, it seems silly to not promote, especially given the impediments in getting to Comic Con (travel, passes, the dreaded hotel lottery). If the lesson of last year’s Comic Con is that footage will leak, even when you ask fans not to, the lesson of this year’s con might be that those who try to bring in more people, get more people.

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