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Pokemon GO. You have to be living under an Onix to not know what an insanely huge phenomenon it is. In fact, if you’re one of the millions of people playing, you’re not reading this. You’re probably staring at your phone screen walking towards oncoming traffic trying desperately to catch a Pikachu or wasting pokeballs on an f’n Zubat – probably while driving. For everyone else, the novelty of the game has either warn off, or you’re Clint Eastwood from Grand Torino yelling at dumb kids to get off you’re lawn. For folks finding themselves outside the Pokemon go fad, there comes a satirical video from guys at Honest Trailers.

Pulling no punches, the video calls attention to the games complete lack of depth, how its earning players Darwin awards (people falling into lakes, getting hit by cars, swan diving of a cliff. Good lord people, pay attention!), and the absurd team based turf war promoting online bullying.

There is no questions what a unprecedented success Pokemon Go is, but it might be struggling to retain users. A recent report by SurveyMonkey estimated that the game’s user base peaked at just over 25 million users in the United States on July 14th and has been on the decline ever since. Between the games maddening frequent crashes and the lack engaging gameplay (it really is just a puffed up version of Paper Toss) users are dropping left and right. However, game developer Niantic Labs admitted that Pokemon Go only has about 10% of its planned features currently in the game. When Niantic finishes its worldwide release, the company plans to start adding additional features like trading and training, which will undoubtedly give the game legs well beyond the summer fad.



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