Just because everyone wants to be Batman, doesn’t mean everyone should be Batman. Case in point, Seattle police were called to a local bar when a man was threatening the bar’s bouncer with a homemade spear. That’s right, this guy had tied a knife to a metal pole (pictures below) and swung it at the bouncer. The man fled the scene, but officers were able to find him and give chase. While trying to out run the police car, the 23-year-old suspect threw a metal Batarang at the police car in pursuit. Ain’t life grand?Here’s the homemade spear:


Looks like a throwing knife and some kind of metal brace. While it looks comedic here, just imagine someone swinging it at you and that silly looking weapon instantly becomes much more sinister. The batarang the suspect threw did hit the police SUV shown below.


Here’s a closeup:


Here’s the evidence photo of the Batarang:


Those things can be very sharp and if thrown correctly, are a deadly weapon. In this case, it’s fairly obvious that no one in the car was really in any danger. Police arrested and booked the man on felony assault charges as well as additional weapons and obstruction charges.

Now if only the prosecutor in that county was named Harvey… or had the last name Dent.

Via: SPD Blotter

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