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Pokemon Go is so big. How big is it? I dunno, why don’t you ask the bulbous Bulbasaur dildo sitting in your significant others sock drawer. Given the insane popularity and influence Pokemon has on the world right now, leave it to the adult entertainment industry to make some f**k toys out of it.

Called “Pokémoan“, the toys come fashioned after the starter Pokémon available in the game. You can choose either Bulby, Charmy, Squirty or Piky.

The Geeky Sex Toys  websites encourages, um, players (?) to “become the ultimate Pokémoan master with your new silicone friends” and “let your imagination run wild as you play under the sheets.” The toys range in cost from $50 to $69, and feature the likeness Pokémon favorites: Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander.

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This is Bulby

Each has been given different “attributes” to maximise the fun. Bulby, for example, has “a large seed tip making it a very pleasurable friend to have.”

Australian company is behind the idea and, of course, they want you to collect them all.


..and Squirty

“Our aim was to reimagine the boring toys in a fun and nerdy way by simply creating the things we were looking for,” the company told Mashable . We believe a sex toy shouldn’t just be a tool to get you off, it should be fun, entertaining and visually pleasing (as well as physically pleasing).”

The company said it had plans to create Pokémon playthings anyway – but the success of the game sped up the process.

“It wasn’t until we heard that Pokémon was being released that we decided to bump it up to the top of our priority list.”


The ‘Piky” dildo

All of the toys are modeled using 100% skin-safe silicone, and the website claims to “have perfected the art of secure & discreet online ordering, so your wild nerdy secrets remain just that – a secret.”

Guess this gives “ruining your childhood” a whole new meaning.

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