Throughout the first season of Supergirl, the show managed to only reference Kara’s cousin Kal-El, AKA Superman in obscure ways. Whether it was licensing or rights issues, or not to confuse audiences with the fact that there already was a Superman on the big screen, we were only able to see him in a silhouette or with his face blocked by the sun. They even showed him communicating with his cousin via e-mail. The CW finally decided to pull the trigger and cast the Man of Steel for the small screen and he will be played by Tyler Hoechlin who previously appeared on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Many fans had excitement but also wondered if he would be able to pull off as Kal-El.

The CW has released the first photo of Hoechlin as the Man of Steel alongside his cousin in the first promotional photo featuring the two of them for the second season of Supergirl.

Supergirl and Superman

The costume is reflective of the New 52s version of Superman’s costume. He will have the red belt instead of red trunks as well. Hoechlin is set to appear at least in the first two episodes of the show. Both he and Melissa Benoist are excited about him joining the cast. Benoist added:

“I think it’s the perfect time. All of the interactions [Kara] had with him last season through the instant messaging and the texting, it never felt like enough to me. Their relationship is important, and they’re family and she has things that he doesn’t and he has things that she doesn’t. They’re only going to reap benefits from each other. I’m so excited about it.”

It’s too early to see what his impact on the show will be, or if he becomes a series regular. One thing’s for sure, the “Berlanti-Verse” is getting bigger and bigger!

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