Deadpool stands as one of the year’s biggest movie success stories, not only did it make hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide, but it was made for relative pennies as compared to other superhero films released in 2016. As fans at cons have noted, there has been an appropriate uptick in the number of Deadpools you see walking around the con floor – not that they were amiss before the movie was released. But what what about real life? You encounter many Deadpools while out at Target? Or Taco Bell? Well, if you live in Houston, you might. There’s presently a man there not only dressed like Deadpool, but his name is now legally Deadpool.

Actually, his name is Evo Gambino, but he legally changed his middle name to “Deadpool”, which is basically the best of both worlds. “Why not?” Gambino told ABC 13. “Maximum effort! Go big or go home!” he laughed. “I pull up, either rev the engine or just wait. I kind of get a crowd coming to me.”

So who is Evo Deadpool Gambino? “I’m a Specialist in the United States Army, been in for eleven years, deployed to Iraq in 2009 and 2010. Father of two.”

And he’s now Deadpool, why? “It’s just — take a break from reality and see something that you normally would only see in the big screen,” he explained. “You can actually look out your vehicle window and see it right next to you. It makes them happy, which makes me happy. Even though I’m in the helmet and you can’t see my face,” Gambino explained, “I’m smiling ear to ear the whole time.”

Check out the ABC 13 story below:


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