If you’re tired of Micheal Bay‘s explosiony Transformers franchise and wish it was more like the original cartoons, we’ve got just the thing to help clear your Transformers palate, Generation 1 Hero. This fan film is delightful, now you’re not going to get those incredible transformations from vehicle to robot, but you’ll get everything else that is missing from most of Bay’s attempts to bring the real heart of Transformers to the big screen. So grab your favorite beverage and snack, click-through and enjoy this fan made Chisel Pixel Production.gen1hero

Transformers fans…. ROLL OUT!!!

Now that was a fun little film, that captures the original style and heart of Transformers. Those elements that made the franchise and left so many fans with lasting and deep felt emotions.The perfect orange sherbet to clear the palate.

Here’s the cast list:

STARRING Steve Paduano, Jay Zarecki, Celeste Durham, Emily Greene, Salvador Mendez, and Mira Mackiewicz, Tauri Icenogle, Angel Torres

VOICES BY Marc DuBos, Jay Zarecki, Adam Comeaux, William Rodrigue, Justin Chakos, Kevin G. O’Connor, Trey Moore, Josh Castonguay, and Jon Bailey as Shockwave

Let’s hope they decide to make more.

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