New ‘Transformers 5’ Banner Reveals… Something


Somewhere in the world right now, Michael Bay is filming Transformers: The Last Knight. It follows the last movie, Age of Extinction, which, although it made over a billion dollars worldwide, is not exactly well thought of by many movie critics and fans. Not that this has probably weighed too much on the mind of Bay, who’s frequently vexed and anger critics, and when you can guarantee a billion dollars in the bank per movie, who are studio execs to disagree with whatever idea Bay has in his head. Exhibit A: a new billboard that’s gone up in Times Square that looks like Optimus Prime is fighting Godzilla nemesis King Ghidorah.

You don’t have to go to Times Square to see it though. Paramount Pictures put it on their UK Twitter feed.

Now for the big question? What the heck is that three-headed reptile-looking thing? Is it a new Dinobot? Is Optimus going to ride it like he did to Grimlock in Age of Extinction? Or perhaps it’s a Terrorcon, or a Predacon whatever that is. These terms are probably above the heads of those with only an average knowledge of the Transformers, and it does nothing to answer another question: Why is Optimus Prime looking to cut all three of those heads off? We know that Megatron is coming back in the film, so is this thing maybe his answer to the Dinobots? We’ll probably have to wait for the release of the movie to know for sure.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be in theaters everywhere next summer on June 23, 2017.

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