Last month, the release of Pokemon Go made people aware of what they were missing in their lives: mindlessly wandering around their town or city looking for pocket monsters, whilst barely being aware of their surroundings. With the kind of unprecedented success that Pokemon Go has enjoyed, not to mention the accompanying media exposure, it would be rather rash for the developer, Niantic, would do anything to jeopardize that good will, and great press, but that seems to be what’s happening as a new update to the game is leaving fans fuming, as well as Niantic’s move to quash other apps trying to piggyback on their success.

As reported by Yahoo!, Niantic has just released a massive new update to the game that allows users to recustomize their character, find new nests, and has improved the Damage Per Second (DPS) to make battle more entertaining. The downside? The buggy “Distance Indicator” has been eliminated entirely. Although users were reporting an issue in that the indicator was always telling the user a Pokemon was only “3 steps” away, it was at least more helpful than merely saying a Pokemon was “nearby.”

But what’s gotten Pokefans really mad though is the fact that Niantic is going after third party apps and websites designed to help people find Pokemon, including the most prevalent one called “Pokevision”.  According to ComicBook.com, users have been registering their complaints on a Reddit tread, with some demanding refunds from the Apple and Google Play stores. Meanwhile, others have taken to the giving the game one-star reviews, thus reducing its overall ranking. Recently, Pokemon Go’s rating sat at 2.5 stars and was falling, which is quite the hit considering the global phenomenon status the game has enjoyed.

The developer behind “Pokevision” had this to say about Niantic lowering the boom…


Whether or not any of these developments will affect the popularity of Pokemon Go is to be determined, but we’ll keep you posted.

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