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Over the last 5 years, it has been a tradition at San Diego Comic Con for former Mythbusters star Adam Savage to walk the con floor going incognito, dressed in elaborate cosplays of his own making. He’s appeared in a spacesuit replica from Ridley Scott’s Aliens, the Mercury Spacesuit from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Noface from Spirited Away, Hellboy, Judge Dredd, and more. Given his decades worth of experience in visual effects, prop making, and machine work, he has the tools and the talent to make some truly awe-inspiring cosplays. He also has an incredible amount of patience, an obsession really, to make sure his costumes are 100% screen accurate down to even the smallest of details. For an example, he even spent 10+ years making the spacesuit from Aliens, that’s right, 10 years before he was ready to roll it out at SDCC.

So… at SDCC 2016, what did Savage comes dressed as this year? Well, you might have already seen/heard of his hilarious life-size bear suit from The Revenant complete with a Leo prop! But Adam also came dressed as someone else…. 

For his second  Comic-Con incognito walk through the show floor, Adam does something different and gets suited up from a booth in the exhibit hall. Dressed as Kylo Ren (costume by Anovos), he ventures out to meet other Star Wars cosplayers and visits the Lucasfilm booth to see some collectibles up close.

No lightsaber feels a bit incomplete… but the costume (this really is a costume, rather then cosplay!) is amazing! And how about the laughs and good feels seeing him interact with those kids, how fun!

It should also be noted just how many layers and undergarments make up the costume, layers that you didn’t even see on the outside. This explains why Kylo Ren was so angry all the time – all the layers he had to take off before being able to take a poop on the Star destroyer.

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