Kevin Smith hasn’t always been beloved by critics, or perhaps even ever in some cases. Famously, there was a kind of anti-critic tirade when Cop Out came out, a film that even Smith has kind of disavowed because of the contentious on-set relationship between Smith and star Bruce Willis. Still, it’s kind of hard not to take criticism personally, even when you’re making the 11,387th take on the buddy cop comedy formula. With the pending release of Yogi Hosers, a film that hasn’t exactly been hailed by critics so far, Smith is saying that his next, highly-derided masterpiece can be viewed as an apology to his critics for past rants.

In a Twitter post, Smith explained the situation to a particular critic, but because it contains spoilers for Yoga Hosers, we’ll lay out the salient section right here:

“To me, the third act of Yoga Hosers is like a quasi-apology to critics I fought with back in the day. Some of them will never let me live it down, but the gesture is there just the same – ironically in the movie of mine they seem to hate the most. So you saying I don’t care anymore would be like me saying you’re too limited to understand what Yoga Hosers is really about: It’s an unfair and almost ludicrous overstatement. I cared enough to respond to you. How many filmmakers you’ve written about (good or bad) have ever reached out to you? But no – I’m the director who doesn’t care anymore. *sigh* Sometimes I care too much. Like now.”

So does any of that make sense? I guess we’ll find out when Yoga Hosers opens in theaters everywhere on September 2.

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