SPOOOOOOOON!!! More Mighty Images from ‘The Tick’


The time is fast approaching when fans of The Tick will have their squishy vengeance against the TV networks what refused to continue telling his epic story. He’s been limited to 3 seasons in cartoony format and just one season in the live-action format. Now, The Tick is back and he’s looking for that thing he’s always looking for – JUSTICE! But before we can see him in all his bright blue glory, we have to settle for some pics from the set. Scroll on, o’ lover of costumed shenanigans, for there are Tick pics aplenty!

First up, Arthur (aka Griffin Newman)!



And then, one of The Tick’s most nastiest enemies, The Terror (played by Earle Haley)!





Thirdlyish, a couple of pics of the mighty blue insect himself (out of costume, he’s known as a guy by the name of Peter Serafinowicz)!

tick 1



And then there are some pics of people who I don’t recognize. I’m sure they’re totally important though…





Furthermore, here’s a statement from The Tick guru, the master creator, lover of all things blue himself – Ben Edlund:

This has been a labor of love for Amazon, Sony, and all of us. The only way for this to have value was if we found a wholly new expression of ‘The Tick’ and Arthur’s story in live-action, and I think we’re on to something! Visually and thematically this new ‘Tick’ lives in the textures and rhetoric of today’s superhero saturation tsunami — and for it to be something you want to watch for hours, it needed to find its way to a story with heart and stakes, as well as absurdism. Is it a radically new hybrid of humor and super heroic action with characters you will care desperately about? YES! Yes it is.

Are you feeling the justice yet? Can you dig??? Well, then check out The Tick pilot when it airs on August 19th. On Amazon. So you’ll have to subscribe or pay a fee or something.


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