Batarangs are the gift that keeps on giving. If someone isn’t throwing them at pursuing Police cars in Seattle then someone is trying to bring a couple onto a plane in their carry-on bags. The TSA would like you to know that isn’t going to happen if they have anything to say about it. It seems like a no-brainer, if you can’t bring a knife in your carry-on bag, (pack those in the checked bags) then why would anyone think they could bring a sharpened Batarang? It happens so much that it’s easy to find multiple pictures on the TSA Instagram account in about five minutes.TSA-Agent-Putting-On-Search-Glove

Unless you’re looking to get the Full Cavity Search treatment, just pack those Batarangs in your checked luggage. If you’re not planning to check any bags, just mail it home. Don’t try to bring it onboard, you’ll just lose it.

Those are just a few of the Batarangs confiscated, there are a ton of other blades, guns, and various other weapon-like props that get taken every day across the country. The TSA sent this out to SDCC 2016 convention attendees reminding them that these types of souvenirs must be checked or mailed home and won’t be allowed in carry-on bags.


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