Star Wars

Star Wars is pretty much a part of our culture. Since 1977, we have been able to see George Lucas’ dream flourish on our big screens. After the Original Trilogy we thought that was it, but then we got the Prequel Trilogy. We have been able to enjoy Star Wars for the most part on the big screen. We have also been able to enjoy Star Wars though other Lucasfilm merchandising efforts including toys and video games. We have also been able to see Star Wars on the small screen through various cartoons including Star Wars: Rebels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Fans have always wanted to see a television adaptation of Star Wars on the small screen as well. Well, it looks like we may finally be getting our wishes.

ABC Television and Lucasfilm are in talks for the possible adaptation of a live-action TV show centered in the Star Wars universe. ABC president Channing Dungey says this about a Star Wars TV show:

“As a fan, I would absolutely love to say yes [to a Star Wars show]. We have had conversations, and will continue to have conversations with Lucasfilm. It would be wonderful if we could find a way to extend that brand onto our programming,”

Dungey also states that even though there are talks, both ABC and Lucasfilm will be keeping this to themselves for quite some time given their secretive nature.

“It’s all a little bit hush-hush,” Dungey said. “That company exists under a big shroud of secrecy. If you feel Marvel’s secretive, [Lucasfilm] takes it to a whole other level … [Talks] are ongoing. We don’t have an official timeline yet.”

This wouldn’t be the first time there were discussions for a Star Wars TV show. Back when George Lucas was still in charge of Star Wars, producer Rick McCallum enlisted writers to create a new Star Wars show, including Battlestar Galactica’s Ron Moore to create “Deadwood in space.” The show would have had more mature themes and would have been set on the planet Coruscant and detailed with the underworld of the Star Wars universe. The story was to have been set between episodes III and IV and would have had appearances of characters in the prequel trilogy and original trilogy making guest appearances. More than Fifty scripts were made, but ultimately did not come through as the show was deemed too expensive for broadcast, cable, or even premium cable. HBO was at one time in talks for the show, but they passed because Lucasfilm would have retained 100% of ownership.

If the new show gets off the ground, it will most likely scratch from scratch, but could possibly tie into the new films being produced.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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