Not too long ago, Anna Kendrick called “shotgun” on Squirrel Girl, the rodent themed Marvel comics super-heroine that started as something of a gag, but became an actual fan favorite. To be clear, Marvel has never announced plans to make Squirrel Girl (or any of the teams she’s been on, like the Great Lakes Avengers) into a movie—Kendrick has simply stated her interest in playing the character (even though she admitted to knowing little about her, outside of a few comics her brother sent her). Now, someone else in Hollywood is saying “Hey Marvel, I’m team Squirrel Girl!” 

Edgar Wright, known for directing films such as Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs The World (which Kendrick acted in—the two also formerly dated), has a bit of a checkered past with Marvel Studios. Wright had originally signed on to write and direct the studio’s Ant-Man film; he wrote the script and did all the intial work, including picking the talent to play the characters, before he left the project over creative differences with the studio heads. After a long and strenuous search for a new director on the project, Marvel championed Peyton Reed (Yes Man, Bring It On). The film was received with favorable reviews from both critics and fans, and Edgar Wright remained in the credits as the primary writer. All seemed right with the world, except for the vocal fans wondering “what could have been”. Edgar, now vocal about Kendrick’s interest in Squirrel Girl, went on Twitter to point out the many Scott Pilgrim alum who either were, or went on to become big-screen superheroes.

He’s referring to Brandon Routh (who’s played both Superman and The Atom), Chris Evans (Captain America and Human Torch), Thomas Jane (Punisher), Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), and Michael Cera (Lego Robin). Though it seems more he and Kendrick are joking, it’s started giving fans a serious interest in begging Marvel to give Wright another shot, this time with Kendrick as Squirrel Girl. Of course, this is all just in good fun, and while Marvel has made mega-stars out of C-list heroes before (the aforementioned Ant-Man, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy) it’s highly unlikely they’re going to start serious inquiry on production when they have such a huge list of films slated already (and they already did a bit of last minute addition, shuffling magic by throwing Spider-Man: Homecoming into the mix).

That being said, maybe a third dip into more obscure characters, and taking a leap of faith into the dork side of Marvel comics would be good. And why not? It worked twice before.

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