It had an interesting concept. The cast was pretty solid and well known in the sci-fi community. Sadly, in the end, nothing could help the show Powers save itself from it’s inevitable doom. And after two seasons, the PlayStation Network has decided to cancel the super hero themed show. The news came when writer, Brian Michael Bendis, took to twitter to announce the cancellation. However, also in that tweet was hope that the show would find a new home on another platform. With a show like Supergirl as a leading example, anything is possible.

For those of you who don’t know, Powers is a series about a world where humans can gain super human abilities, i.e. powers of flight, super strength, and teleportation. The show follows a character by the name of Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley). He’s a man who used to go by the code name Diamond and had the power of flight and super strength. Unfortunately, in an altercation with his mentor, he was left powerless. Now he works as a detective for the “Powers Division” of the local police.

Powers Sharlto Copley
Viewers watch as Walker tries to cope with each day not having his powers. At one point, he even comes up with the idea of jumping off the edge of a building in hopes that his powers would manifest themselves again. There is also a girl who doesn’t have powers, wants powers, and is willing to do whatever she can to herself and others to get powers. Audiences also get to meet Walkers former associates. And finally, viewers are also taken into the world of those who are just starting out with their powers. It seems that in this world, when you discover you have special abilities, the first thing you need to do is get an agent to take care of all of your PR work.

Right now is the best time to be a comic book fan. Television and movie theaters are inundated with super hero themed shows and films. Twenty years ago, this was a fantasy and now it’s every day life. Due to the fact that the genre has become the norm, fans have to worry about their favorite shows eventually coming to an end. Supergirl is a good example of the genre’s first fatality. But thanks to The CW, is can fly for another day. As of right now, Powers is cancelled. But that doesn’t mean Bendis has given up all hope for the show.

As you can tell by his tweet, he’s hoping that another platform (i.e. Netflix or Hulu) will save the show from permanent extinction. It’s going to be tough. With the success Netflix has had with shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it hard to see a show like Powers (a show that doesn’t have the rich history or edge that Daredevil or Jessica Jones has) being saved. On the other hand, Hulu did just lose out on a major deal with The Flash and Arrow. Therefore it’s possible that Powers could be resurrected on that streaming service. Bendis tweeted out that, at one point, the show was able to garner 4.5 million viewers on YouTube. That’s a lot of viewers, but it also doesn’t tell you how many of those 4.5 millions viewers actually stuck around for the entire episode.

For now, Powers is no more.

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