There’s been a flurry of Internet angst over the critical reviews of David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad. The embargo on review postings lifted and the early news from critics was not good. Currently Suicide Squad has a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and some fans even started and then removed a petition which received over 15,000 signatures to remove Rotten Tomatoes from the internet of all things. It’s been a whirlwind of on social media and forum comments, often turning quite nasty very quickly. Director Patty Jenkins took a break from editing Wonder Woman to check out Warner Bros. and DC‘s latest superhero flick and came away confused. Confused at why those critics panned the film the way they did.

Here’s her pair of tweets after seeing the movie:

Now a lot of people are gonna say she’s just towing the company banner, she is getting paid to make another Warner Bros. film and one would expect her to support that, but she even addresses those that might think that in her second tweet.

We’ll see how the midnight showings roll tonight, which should still hit some high numbers. Those tickets have been presold for the last couple weeks before any critical reviews hit the Internet. The opening weekend numbers will be affected by the critics poor reviews, but should only amount to a couple million in box office sales. Suicide Squad has had some strong trailers and TV spots in the weeks leading up to its opening, the fan boys and girls will go regardless of critics and most of the rest of the audience won’t be staying away from the film due to reviews. Those strong trailers will see to that. Expect Suicide Squad to do well this weekend. The question remains whether Suicide Squad will have the long distance legs to keep rolling after opening weekend attracting repeat viewers.


*Full disclosure, This writer has not seen the movie yet, but will this Sunday and won’t be writing any review until then.

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