The Merc with the Mouth has been a little quiet lately, as the behind the scenes production ramps up towards shooting Deadpool 2 in early 2017. The first big superhero hit this year has continued to shine during the DVD and Blu/Ray sales phase raking up another $56 million putting the fourth wall breaking Merc into the $800 million range. Producer Simon Kinberg recently talked with /Film and had an update on what the Merc with the Mouth might target when he breaks the fourth wall in the sequel.


Here’s what Kinberg had to say about Deadpool 2:

I think Deadpool 2 will comment on anything that’s happening in movies today especially in superhero movies.  The sort of glut or saturation of these movies and the proliferation of sequels is definitely something we’ll play around with.

That leaves a lot of territory to cover. Will the Merc take a couple of pot shots at FOX‘s X-Men: Apocalypse? Let’s check the magic 8-Ball.


Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick won’t have to look far for plenty of fodder for Deadpool to mock when it comes to superhero movies. Warner Bros., Rotten Tomatoes, and fans themselves will provide more than enough. There’s quite a few Marvel tropes to play with as well.

What we’re all looking forward to is the marketing for Deadpool 2. Can they top what was done for Deadpool? Ryan Reynolds is certainly down to try. Just check out his Twitter and it’s easy to see that he’s got some serious comedic chops. He’s getting a lot of explicit tweets from fans requesting certain sexual acts which are usually anatomically impossible. It’s Reynolds responses that are fantastic.

Now that is funny stuff and it’s great to see him have such a sense of humor about the whole thing. Not backing down, but giving it back so well.

If we’re gonna start a petition about Deadpool 2, let’s make it Bring Back Dopinder!

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